Park Walks and Meaningful Talks - the Power of Female Friendship

Posted on November 25 2020

Park Walks and Meaningful Talks - the Power of Female Friendship


We share, we talk, we walk, two by two in the park, we keep each other sane and when all our mental capacity is at bursting point & being tested to the max, we share, we laugh, we support, we virtual hug! What would we do without our girlfriends?

We are so lucky to have Richmond Park as a sanctuary, being up there walking through the gate releasing the pressure valve, and yes, breathing.



My last visit up there struck me as we walked, there was a Noah’s Ark two by two procession criss-crossing the park of women walking together.  It is a good feeling seeing two women you know individually walking together as friends.  I think to myself “that makes sense they should be friends” 

It feels now more than ever we need our female friendships, and this activity is happening more than once a day with different friend combinations, that’s how good it is! 

Another thing about female relationships is that if you like woman’s company you can have more than one! They come in all shapes and sizes and can be called upon for different reasons at different times. Friendships can be equal, giving supportive, informative, complicated, fun, frivolous, fickle passing, insuring, empathetic, reflective, dutiful, reliable - the list goes on, but now more than ever the whole plethora is vital 

We need the whole fruitcake. With icing and a cherry.

Talking to women every day is one of my greatest joys, over the 30 years that I have been selling lingerie, I have never tired of it. Sharing in woman’s lives even for a short while, is a privilege, selling what is sometimes called “intimate apparel” and it is.  There has to be a professional trust on both sides.

Like any good friendship, to give good advice to someone is to listen first -  find out what’s really going on and what the real need is as it could be what’s not said is the most valuable bit of information to help someone.




I learned very early on that what is said in the changing room stays in the changing room. It's private.  We can be  amongst the first people to hear very personal news, in sickness and in health, “I’m pregnant, I am going on a first date, I’m getting married”,  during illness, grief, divorce, injury and family crisis.

I am daily in awe of the strength, beauty, the kindness, and the sheer willpower of women. The shop has always been my happy place, although at times that idea has been pushed to the limits. I have seen many happy tears, and sad and frustrated ones as well, and that my shop is seen as a positive and safe place is something that brings me huge pride and I consider it an honour to be able to offer that.

So keep walking and talking, supporting and putting this crazy world to rights,  you lovely band of Sheen Uncovered women!

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