Our Favourite Ways To Move Our Bodies

Posted on February 10 2021

Our Favourite Ways To Move Our Bodies

We aren’t ones to jump on the January fitness bandwagon. We aren’t going to tell you that your body needs to change, or that you should regret eating lots of yummy food. We are fans of moving your body in a way which feels good, finding ways to improve mental health and exercising because you love your body, not because you want to alter it.

Here are some of the ways we love to workout and make ourselves feel good - including a few local suggestions for you to try!



Start with a sports bra

A sports bra should be your number one piece of kit before you start exercising. Not wearing the right sports bra can lead to back and breast pain, discomfort, reduced confidence and performance. The breast is only supported by two weak structures: the skin itself and tiny Cooper's ligaments, so a good sports bra is needed to give support, prevent pain and limit breast movement when exercising. The right sports bra will really elevate your workout - even if you are a small cup size. We have a number of different sports bras available, in a wide range of sizes. Please feel free to email us if you would like advice on what size to buy.



Frankie Arpino Yoga

Yoga not only increases your flexibility but gets you to focus on your breathing. Our favourite fabulous local yogi Frankie Arpino is streaming online classes - she does incredible meditation style yoga, a combination of Yin (longer held poses) and as well as Nidra (meditation) as well as wake up flows which help the mind as well as strengthening and stretching.




Running is cheap, time effective and studies show it can make you live longer. You don’t have to run fast or far to feel the benefits - if you’re a newbie just try running one or two kilometres and walk if you need to. Invest in a good pair of trainers to avoid knee-related injuries and of course a good sports bra.




We are so lucky to have Richmond Park on the doorstep, and it’s been proven that spending time outdoors does wonders for one’s mental health. If you’re aiming to get your step count up we suggest getting lost in a good podcast (Jackie recommends listening to ‘The Kindness Economy’ by Mary Portas) and keep walking until you finish the episode.




Our favourite local fitness studio Evolution are bringing fitness classes to your living room. If you have a compatible bike you can join your regular spin class online, or they have a wide selection of other fitness classes (including core, HIIT and interval workouts) which you can do at home whenever suits you. Their instructors are really excellent, very technical and they are all about motivating and uniting their community.

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