Discover FabFit

Your personalised cyber fitting service | for when you can't come into the store!


At Sheen Uncovered you can now buy all of our beautiful merchandise 24/7 but we also know how hard it is to buy a bra online as not all brands fit the same way.

We wanted to make life easier for all of our rather fabulous customers, so we've developed a great personalised widget on our store called FABFIT - to give you a fabulous fit every time. It's exclusive to us, designed by us and inspired by 20 years of lingerie wisdom because everything feels better when you're in the right bra size!

FABFIT works by translating the bra fit data we have in-store about you and your order history into your online FABFIT account.

Get FabFit uses that information to show you all of your options across the brands that we stock by highlighting your adjusted size. Happy Days!

If you haven't been fitted recently and want to get the most magic from FABFIT we're open in-store for fittings 7 days a week and would love to see you and update your rather fabulous bra size info! 

For all our existing customers, we've done our best to make sure your data is correct, so please email or call us and we'll fix any errors asap. Alternatively, you can edit your own FabFit details under your Account Details - just don't change your bra size! But do make sure you include your Birthday details so that we can send you your Birthday discount gift!

For new customers, you can complete your own FabFit data once you've created your account, including your Birthday so that we can send you your Birthday discount gift, but if you can pop in to our lovely store in East Sheen, SW London, for a fitting we can check your most fabulous size and fit!