Maryan Mehlhorn

Libertine Belted Swimsuit


Vibrant White
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This design group impresses thanks to its relaxed boho aesthetic, which it gives a dramatic make-over. Things are becoming more colorful and playful again; the looks come in a summery macro design that is cheerful and expressive. Vibrant primary colors are contrasted against an airy, white background. Bold, folklore-inspired patterns are interspersed with ditsy floral motifs. Placement borders frame or break up the print to add a level of complexity. Metallic, pale golden satin stitch designs inject a subtle touch of glam. The interplay of placement borders and prints creates a sophisticated depth for a 3D effect.

Fabric Composition: Upper: 72% Polyamide, 28% Elastane; Lining: 84% Polyamide,16% Elastane;

Hand wash only.