Why You Should Get Fitted Even If You Have Tiny Boobs

Posted on October 09 2018

Why You Should Get Fitted Even If You Have Tiny Boobs

As someone who was at the back of queue when they were handing out decent racks, I always thought a lot of the advice about boobs and bras was irrelevant to me. I ran around braless with wild abandon, and went to the gym in just a crop top!

When we do a teen bra fitting at SheenUncovered, every girl says they want to own a pretty bralette just like the ones their friends wear. If you’ve got quite large boobs, a bralette is not going to be a feasible every day option, and a lot of girls worry about not fitting in because of their boobs.

Well let me tell you, being a ‘tit-less wonder’ didn’t do much for me at school. I had the opposite, I remember being so envious of all the girls in the changing rooms who had enough cleavage that their boobs actually met in the middle. I wondered in awe (awkwardly, in the corner) where they got their lacy, underwired push up bras from. Then there was me, fumbling around in the corner trying not to flash my nipples as I changed into my PE kit, totally bra-less. They seemed so grown up, so sexy! And if any boys were going to covertly snog someone behind the bag racks, it was going to be a girl with boobs (isn’t it funny what you used to aspire to?)



My mum eventually bought me a 34A (ha!) ‘training’ bra, and I hated it so much I remember going to the toilet halfway through biology, removing it, and shoving it in my blazer pocket. Even if I lasted all day in a bra, the best bit about coming home was always being able to rip it straight off.

Well my boobs never really arrived, and my bra-ripping-off habit didn’t really go away. But you know what? I grew to love being flat chested! And I’m not a 34A, but a 30C/32B! But even with the right bra size, I still really struggled with bras. I turned 24 this year, and I still can’t EVER remember going a whole day in a bra.

Working at SheenUncovered, I realised how important it is to be fully supported. The more your boobs jiggle and move around, the more your ‘Coopers Ligaments’ are compromised, which could ultimately lead to your boobs sagging. My breasts aren’t as heavy as someone with a ‘full’ bust, but this fear always plays out in the back of my mind when I go braless.

‘I want a nude underwired bra!’ I declared to my boss one day. She fitted me in a sweetheart ‘Tom’ bra by Marie Jo. That was 3 weeks ago, and every day I have put this bra on at 7am, and not taken it off until 10pm when I go to bed. It’s not only comfortable, but when I wear tops and dresses I have a much better shape, a smooth line. I look like I have perky boobs, but they don’t look bigger (I specified at my fitting that I actually like looking petite). 



I tried on a lot of bras in order to find the right one, and realised so much varies between styles and brands. One of our best selling bras had a wire that came up too high on me, so dug in under my armpits. I thought any expensive bra would automatically be good. But even expensive bras in the right size will not work for you if they aren’t the right SHAPE.

I once thought underwired bras were only for big boobs, that someone as flat as me would never find one comfortable because I didn’t need one. Well I have been totally converted! I actually don’t like not wearing a bra now, and hand wash my bra in the evenings and dry it overnight so I don’t have to go a day without it. And as an avid bargain hunter it surprises me to say this, but you really do get what you pay for. It’s not really a surprise that my £65 bra is more comfortable than a £20 high street one. Ultimately, it doesn’t matter if you’re a G cup or a B cup, I genuinely believe everyone will benefit from getting fitted.

P.S. When you see posts on social media about underwired bras ‘hurting’ or being ‘bad for you’, it’s all lies! These people need to make their way to a lingerie shop ASAP and get themselves a decent bra.

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