TOTM Organic Tampons - Review

Posted on June 18 2018

TOTM Organic Tampons - Review

Let’s talk about…periods!

As many of you may know, here at SheenUncovered we aren’t about product pushing, we are genuinely on a mission to help women. Obviously, we like to start by putting everyone in the right size bra. But beyond that, we do events which educate and help women/girls understand their bodies - our three times sold out menopause talk was a runaway success! So with that in mind, when I stumbled across TOTM, I felt like I’d found a company that shares Sheen Uncovered’s ethos and passion for women…


hate Instagram ‘sponsored posts’ with a passion, but I recently fell victim to a perfectly targeted piece of marketing - for organic tampons (the pink was just so appealing!). TOTM or ‘Time Of the Month’ sell sanitary products which are 100% organic, cruelty-free and biodegradable. After I clicked through to their site, I’d bought myself 2 months supply within 10 minutes. Here’s what they said:

If you dig around, you will find that mainstream tampons contain cotton and rayon. Sounds normal, right? The truth is conventional cotton is farmed using pesticides and insecticides (in fact, it’s the most heavily sprayed crop on the planet). In 2015, an independent study by the University of La Plata found 85% of tampons tested contained Glyphosate. The active ingredient in weed killer, and classified as “probably carcinogenic” by the World Health Organisation.

And then there’s rayon…Produced from cellulose, which is a compound extracted from wood pulp. The extraction process creates the hydrocarbon dioxin as a by-product.

Potentially carcinogenic, dioxins are often linked to endometriosis. It has also been shown to disrupt hormones and cause problems with the immune and reproductive systems. Dioxins are persistent and once in the body, they remain there indefinitely, building up with each new exposure.

In addition to these core ingredients, tampons and pads contain potentially harmful chemical additives. This includes chlorine dioxide bleach, unknown fragrance/perfumes, dyes, and a range of surfactants and finishing agents.

These should not be anywhere near your vagina.

Surprising eh?! To be honest I was shocked, but also swayed by the fact they did ‘light’ absorbency tampons - which I can’t seem to find anywhere these days! AND if you set up a subscription, TOTM will deliver to your door when your period is due - perfect!

I’m usually pretty hyped when my online shopping is due to arrive, but I was strangely excited even by my standards to be receiving these tampons. Bang on time, 3 days after purchasing, they arrived, and did not disappoint…


HOW CUTE are the little bags?! Also, even the grey postage bag my order arrived in is biodegradable ‘sugar plastic’. David Attenborough’s ‘Planet Earth’ (bet you never thought you’d hear ‘David Attenborough’ mentioned in an article about tampons eh?) made plastic about as fashionable as smoking now, and everyone is now much more conscious about the effects plastics have on our planet. So I think it’s pretty amazing that every part of my order has minimal impact on the environment.

To be honest, the tampons are very functional. I used to love Tampax pearl until I stopped being able to find the light absorbency. They are so smooth and comfortable, but the single-use plastic applicators are a major turn off for me now. TOTM tampons have a much less luxurious cardboard-y applicator, but to be honest you’re only using it for a few seconds.

Other than that, they’re just like normal tampons! I didn’t leak on my nice lingerie (my Hanky Panky is still spotless), they were easy to insert and remove…really nothing out of the ordinary to report!

As for the cost:

2 x packs Light tampons (10 tampons/pack)

2 x packs Regular tampons (10 tampons/pack) 

= £11 ( + free postage). That means with my order, each tampon was 28p.

You will find cheaper tampons out there, a lot of own brand tampons will be less. On the other hand, you get them delivered to your door (on time!), and you know that what you’re buying is not only good for your lady parts, but also the environment. 

TOTM also donate 10p to Endometriosis UK per box of sanitary products you buy, and they are dedicated to educating women about menstrual health, raising awareness about endometriosis, and banishing negative period taboos.

I would personally recommend TOTM, I’ve already got one friend on to them. The vast choice of products available, including tampons up to super+ absorbency, pads and menstrual cups, combined with their personalised service, ethos and #periodpowerful message means that this is a winner for me…and probably David!

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