The Big Boob Bra Blog

Posted on August 08 2018

The Big Boob Bra Blog

As a curvy, busty 34FF I struggle to find any bra in my size.   On the off chance that I do, it’s either of super low quality (M&S may be cheaper, but you definitely get what you pay for…) or it’s a dull beige granny bra.   A pretty, lacy bra for a bigger bust seemed non-existent before I entered the world of Sheen Uncovered.   Luckily, working here is great because of the range of sizes and styles available – to the point where I’ve stopped looking anywhere else.   So, what have I learned about big boobs from working at a REAL bra shop? 


 1. Bigger busts deserve nice bras too! 

Despite what we are led to believe, the bigger the bust does not mean the uglier the bra. Many of the more professional bra vendors offer some gorgeous products that go up to the higher cup and band sizes. Empreinte, Chantelle and Prima Donna, to name a few, prove that sexy, feminine underwear and proper support are not mutually exclusive.

Empreinte Jane bra 08182 0431

Seeing as we are already blessed with a fuller bust, push up bras aren’t even in our vocabulary – boobs are great, but we don’t want to be drowning in them – and as we don’t need as much padding, we can opt for some beautiful sheer bras with elegant, lacy details.

 2. You CAN find a sports bra that supports you well. 

Any bustier gals reading this can back me up here: doing exercise with big boobs is a whole different ball game.  Just running for the bus can be painful – I can’t even run down the stairs without holding my boobs in place in case I knock myself out with one of them while theyre bouncing around left right and centre.  But luckily for us, clothing brands know how much we struggle with this and make sure to offer great sports bras with maximum support (sarcastic eye roll emoji).  News flash: a normal yoga-style bralette with thicker straps than normal does not equal extra support.  So, what high impact sports bra can we trust to look after our boobs while we’re training hard to get fit and look fabulous? My personal favourite is the Anita Air Control sports bra.

Anita Air Control sports bra 5544

It was one of the first bras that I got from the shop and now I swear by it.  You don’t feel so strapped down that its constrictive or uncomfortable, but trust me – those bad boys are not gonna budge.  And, as an added bonus, you still get cleavage!  A sports bra that you can still look great in? I guess dreams really do come true <3 (I’m yet to meet my prince charming, but who’s to say that I won’t bump into him at the gym or at my next HIIT class, so…gotta be prepared, you know?) 

 3. Finding good swimwear doesn’t have to be a nightmare. 

As a self-confessed sun worshipper, I spend my fair share of holiday time poolside or on the beach.  I like to have two types of swimwear: a skimpy barely-there piece for tanning and lying on a sun lounger with absolutely no intention of getting up or moving around (other than to top up my non-optional strawberry mojito), as well as a more supportive piece for walks along the beach and splashing about in the pool or the sea without fear of the nip-slip.  And for this, I would recommend going for a bra-style bikini or swimsuit with moulded cups and proper straps.   

Freya Sundance AS3971BHC

This is not to say that you're stuck with the frumpy speedo route – on the contrary, we have some gorgeous swimwear on offer for fuller busts that can still give you cleavage and show off your beautiful curves.  Also, it goes without saying that when everything is in its place and supported as it should be, your posture instantly looks better, and so do you. 

 4. Shapes differ just as much as sizes do. 

It seems obvious now that boob shapes can vary, but before working here I never really thought about it much, so I basically thought it was a scale from small to large boobs.  I’ve since discovered that boobs can be close together, far apart, rounder at the top or fuller at the bottom, and so on.  The point is, not all ‘small boob’ bras work for small boobs, and same for big ones.  For example, the ladies here in the shop swear by the Melody bra by Empreinte, and customers of all shapes and sizes (including mine) love it too – my mum has even converted to Melody!

Empreinte Melody 0786 0373

However, it doesn’t fit me very well.  At first I thought my boobs were just some weird shape unlike anyone else’s, but it’s simply that there are SO MANY styles of bra that you can’t expect all of them to fit well.  On the other hand, while some women with my size steer clear of it as much as possible, I personally love the Festivité bra by Chantelle, because it holds my boobs in place well enough for a t-shirt bra, but also has a real plunge neckline so there is still cleavage (in case you hadn’t noticed, I’m a cleavage fan).  

Chantelle Festivité C36820-011

The best way to find a bra that fits you (and you will!) is to have a play around with different brands, shapes and styles. 


Moral of the story is that despite the troubles that come with big boobs, they don’t have to be a hassle and you can still enjoy many of the pleasures that come with having smaller boobs.  My advice for anyone struggling is first and foremost, don’t give up hope! From sports bras to swimwear to normal bras, the options are endless, so I have no doubt that you will find a bra that works for you.  

Pop into the shop for a free fitting - the girls will be more than happy to help you find what you’re looking for.  They are all trained to fit bras and don’t just try to sell you the most expensive ones, they really do want you to learn more about your body and what looks good on you, and for you to be happy with anything and everything that you buy.  And remember, our bodies change, so our bras should too.  Keep getting fitted regularly to make sure you are wearing the correct size and style for you. 

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