Cercle Empreinte: Nominated UK Brand Ambassador Episode 1: PARIS!

Posted on June 04 2018

Cercle Empreinte: Nominated UK Brand Ambassador Episode 1: PARIS!

We were extremely excited to be approached by Empreinte and nominated as their UK Brand Ambassador and member of their Cercle Empreinte. 

We absolutely love Empreinte here at Sheen Uncovered, and as many of you will testify, they really do create amazingly beautiful bras for larger cup sizes which truly sculpt, support and shape the bust. One of the aims of the Cercle is to help women, from puberty onwards, to be comfortable and in harmony with their bodies so that they can build confidence and live life to the full (amen to that!).

First up was a wonderful trip to Paris in January (check out our Instagram!) with the other Cercle members from around the world, to network, share stories, celebrate, and create change. Empreinte treated us to an amazing private viewing of the Degas exhibition at the Musée D'Orsay followed by a champagne reception and dinner and then the presentation of our Cercle Empreinte Awards. 


A truly unforgettable experience and such a privilege to meet other women who feel equally strongly about the impact a good fitting bra can have on our lives and the role Empreinte can play in that.

Next up: Episode 2: NEW YORK, NEW YORK!


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