Bra Care 101

Posted on July 26 2018

Bra Care 101

Hands up if you frequently go about 2 months without washing your day-to-day bra? (insert raised hand emoji)

We all have our favourite ‘go to’ bra, you know - the super comfortable, looks good under most of my clothes, the ‘if my house set on fire and I could only grab 3 thing this would be choice #1’ bra.

There are a number of things you can do you keep your favourite bra in good condition, and postpone the inevitable bra funeral when eventually it goes grey/in holes/falls apart.

Tip #1 Wash weekly

So you don’t actually have to wash your bra that much, not like a t-shirt where you wear it once and it goes in the washing basket. It is generally recommended that your bra is washed about once a week, unless it’s a sports bra which would need washing every 1-2 wears. The dirt and oil from our skin can break down the elasticity of a bra, so if it’s summer or you've been sweating more than usual, you may want to wash your bra more than once a week. 

Tip #2 Wash by hand, or on a cool + delicate cycle

The best way to wash your bra is gently, and by hand. If you do want to use a washing machine, make sure you fasten the bra to avoid straps getting caught and stretched, and place it in a mesh bag. Use a cool temperature, gentle detergent and ‘delicate’ cycle. Washing machines are particularly bad for bras with padding or moulded cups, they get thrown around a lot in the drum which can mess up the shape and shift the padding.

Tip #3 Leave to air dry

DO NOT put your bra in a tumble dryer! Heat will break down the elastic over time - which is also why you wash should wash bras on a cool setting. It is best to mould your damp bra into shape after washing, lay it flat away from direct sunlight, and let it air dry. If you want to hang-dry your bra, we recommend using a hanger.

Tip #4 Replace and get fitted on the reg.

I you particularly love a bra, it might be worth buying a couple of them so you can ‘rotate’ between the two. If you treat you bras right, rotate them, and wash in cool water they will last around 6 - 12 months (she says sheepishly adjusting her 3 year old bra).

So we’re all guilty of not always washing/replacing our bras as often as we should - but hopefully these tips will help the longevity of your bra. And as always, don’t forget to get fitted regularly and ask your local lingerie boutique if you need any specialist advice!

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