9 Signs You're Wearing The Wrong Bra

Posted on April 09 2019

9 Signs You're Wearing The Wrong Bra

The fact is that most women are not wearing a bra that is right for their body. Too many women go about their daily business, just accepting that their bra feels uncomfortable because, well, thats just part of being a woman right? Wrong! With National bra Fitting Week approaching, there's never been a better time to go and get yourself sorted out. 

Keep reading to find out the tell tale signs your bra is incorrect, and how the right bra SHOULD feel…

You want to whip it off as soon as you get home

If your bra truly fits, you shouldn’t be able to tell you’re wearing it! In an ideal world, you’d crawl in to bed at night after a long day, and not realise you still had your bra on.

The band rides up at the back

You’re left with ‘tyre marks’

If you’ve got bands of red around your back and/or ribcage then your bra is definitely not right, and you’re probably wearing the wrong band size.

The straps dig in to your shoulders

Fun fact - most of the support from a bra comes from the band. The ‘lift’ comes from beneath, which is why the band should fit flush against the skin. If you feel like most of the support is coming from the shoulder straps, then you should probably get your size checked.

The underwire feels painful

It is a common misconception that wearing an underwire is uncomfortable, that it is meant to be ‘hard’ and digs in. As said above, you shouldn’t even be able to ‘feel’ a correctly fitting bra, so lets put an end the bad reputation of the underwire. Finding your correct bra ‘size’ is easy enough when you go for a fitting, but the art is finding the right shape/style. Perhaps a sweetheart style sits better on you, or maybe a balcony shape is a better option. Styles and sizes will vary from brand to brand. One brand may have an underwire that comes up quite high at the sides, so will press on the breast tissue. Another brand may have the same size and shape available, but might be designed slightly differently so that the underwire sits in a better position against your body.

Back ache

Another classic sign your bra is not providing you enough support. This is particularly common with a fuller bust. You may also be experiencing head aches - especially if you aren’t properly supported when exercising.


The right bra will sit flush against your entire body - across your ribs, back and breasts themselves. If there’s any bulging above the cups or around the band, then something is’t right.

Double Boob

We love boobs, but four are definitely not better than two! This is a classic sign the cup size is too small. Have an expert take a look and find you the right size, your clothes will sit much better and you’ll probably feel ‘neater’ and slimmer afterwards.

Skin Problems

Especially underneath the breasts. If you lift your boobs up and the skin is red, itchy or sore, then this might be caused by skin on skin rubbing, meaning the breasts aren't being uplifted or supported enough.

Our bodies constantly change, especially as women! Having children, weight loss, weight gain etc all alter the shape of our bodies. We recommend coming for a fitting as soon as you notice any changes to your body since your last fitting. Wearing the correct bra will change your life! You’ll feel more comfortable and look better too. So if in doubt, do pop in to see us and let us work our literal magic!

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