7 Things a Bra Fitter Wants You to Know Before a Fitting

Posted on June 28 2018

7 Things a Bra Fitter Wants You to Know | SHEEN UNCOVERED

Coming for a bra fitting might seem like a scary thought to some - but we promise you it totally isn't! If you're thinking about going for a fitting, here's some advice which will start you off down the right path, and show you how un-scary the process is!

1 - Know what size bra you’re currently wearing.

It’s surprising how many women are unsure of what size the bra they’re wearing is! Even if you suspect it’s incorrect, your fitter will usually ask you what size you’re currently wearing, and then go and get a fresh bra in that size, and ask you to put it on. It’s much easier to fit with a brand new bra, as the one you arrive in has probably been through the wash a few times and loosened with wear. We can then see how a true bra of that size fits. 


2 - Have an idea about what sort of bra you want.

You may not know all the options out there, or maybe you’re coming in to get some advice, but at least know what you want to get out of your new bra. Is it for support during sport? Do you want something that gives you eye-popping cleavage? Do you want something colourful and pretty, or a more functional, nude every day bra? That way your bra fitter can suggest the most appropriate options for you!


3 - Not all bras are going to fit you in the same size.

Much like with clothes, some lingerie brands will come up bigger or smaller than others. For example, some brands don’t do double letter cup sizes, so they won’t have DD and FF sizes, they will go straight from a D, to E, to F, to G. This will put their sizes out of kilter with brands who do produce the in-between sizes, so with one brand you might be an H and another you may be an FF cup.


4 - Be open minded.

Some people come in and will insist that they are a 36C, because that’s what they’ve been buying for the last 10 years. In actual fact, you might find that you are really a 32E! Most people’s reaction to finding out they are an E cup is shock, because it sounds so much bigger than a C cup! However, the overall cup size changes proportionally with the back size, so when you go down from a 36 to a 32, the overall cup size for an E will not be that big! Many women have a larger cup size but smaller back size than they first thought - so don’t freak out, and trust the experts.


Don’t forget, women’s bodies change all the time. They change with age, having babies, loosing weight, gaining weight etc. So it is always worth coming for regular fittings to see if a better size/shape bra will suit you.


5 - It’s a judgement free zone.

We see all body/boob shapes and sizes, all day, every day. Much like a doctor or artist, we see bodies anatomically. It’s amazing how many women come for a fitting, and want to cover their bodies because they feel self conscious. Stand proud, with your head high and boobs out! Not only is it easier for us to see your shape that way and fit you in something that will suit you, but women have beautiful bodies which we should all be proud of!


6 - “A great fitting bra doesn’t happen by accident, it happens by appointment.”

Although most lingerie boutiques do walk-in fittings, it can be helpful for us if you make an appointment. There will be times of the day and times of the year that are busier than others. If you make an appointment, we can set that time aside to give you our full attention and make sure your appointment is a breeze.


7 - You get what you pay for

Sorry ladies, although we all do love a bargain we just don’t think when it comes to underwear you can compromise! Your underwear provides the foundation for all your clothes. An expensive t-shirt can look cheap with an badly fitting bra underneath, but a cheap t-shirt can look expensive with a great fitting bra underneath. As something you wear all day, everyday, and something that has such a vast impact on everything you wear, your bra really is something you should invest it. A more expensive bra will be more comfortable, better quality, and will last longer.  Think about how much you last spent on your hair, surely it’s worth spending the same on a bra.

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